Right! This is where I tell you about myself. 

I was born in England but moved to America for a College Football (English, not American) Scholarship. Met a pretty girl while I was at TGI Friday's one night and married her 8 months later. Moved back to England with her for a little bit to work in the financial services industry and then moved back to the USA when the big economic crash hit everyone. Since then we've been happily living in Denver, Colorado. 

Now for the deep stuff.

I'm a guarded and introverted person. So naturally I want to make blogs/vlogs that are there for the internet to view and comment on right? Well, no. My goal with my site is to share my experience and what I'm learning as I navigate this new stage of my life. I don't have all the answers, I don't even have most of them. I'm just learning as I go. But what I'm learning is that so many people have gone through, are going through, or know someone close to them that has gone through a version of what happened to me. Since no one ever talks about it, I thought I'd share what's happening to me, as it happens. If I'm totally honest (which I always strive to be) there is also an aspect of this that is completely selfish. The blogs and vlogs are a kind of therapy for me. I can take what I've learned and experienced in therapy and process them into words, which helps me clarify my thoughts and keep me moving forward. If only a handful of people of people every visit my site or watch my videos (which I'm perfectly prepared for because I wonder how watchable this subject matter really is in the ADD world of the internet) this process will still have been tremendously helpful in my progress towards better mental health. The hope is that others are able to watch and learn from my journey. 

Thanks for listening.